Twins via Sentralekloof

Sentralekloof quick keyA more challenging and thrilling route up the Jonkershoek Twins (or “Pieke”). The route involves traversing on narrow exposed ledges and a fair amount of scrambling, some of which is exposed. Only for fit and experienced mountain walkers with a good head for heights.

The Jonkershoek Twin Peaks (also known as the “Pieke” – 1494 m & 1504 m) are the most prominent peaks in your view as you look out of Stellenbosch to the south east. Sentralekloof is the deep ravine between the Twins.

From a distance this route does not look like a possible day walk, but a secret passage reveals itself step by step to those who dare to explore. For competent adventurous mountain walkers this route is a must!

We normally descend by one of the easier routes.

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