A long, steep and strenuous day hike with a few sections of exposed scrambling. Only for fit, sure-footed and experienced mountain walkers with a good head for heights.

The “Rifberge” (“Ridge Mountains”) form the jagged skyline to the east of the Twins and consist of a series of dramatic summits between 1460 m and 1519 m above sea level. Appearing impenetrable to the unknowing eye, these summits can be reached by one of two moderately technical but strenuous hikes. These mountains are seldom visited and offer a real adventure experience with a wild backcountry feel. This is an excursion for fit and experienced mountain walkers who want to escape the crowds and experience the raw beauty of Cape Mountain wilderness.

From the top contour path below these peaks the Rifberg can be reached by first ascending Langrivierkloof towards the Twins and then traversing the skyline. This route involves a section of sustained, exposed scrambling. Alternatively, the peaks can be reached via the “Slab Route” which threads its way up towards the obvious col to the east of the Rifberge. A short section of exposed scrambling is required to pass the “Slabs”. The ascent route can be reversed or a traverse of the peaks accomplished using both routes depending on conditions and group preference/ability.

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