Jonkershoek Marathon

The “Jonkershoek Marathon” is a FKT (fastest known time) mountain challenge. The route starts at the summit beacon on Botmaskop and finishes at the summit beacon on Stellenbosch Mountain following the skyline around the horseshoe in between (the following points are generally tagged in a record attempt: Square Tower Peak, the 1st (lower) Twin Peak, Rifberg, Katedraal, Bergriviernek, Pic-sans-nom and Haelkop).

The timed route is approximately 32 km with over 3000 m of elevation gain. However, you also need to get up Botmaskop before the start and back down off Stellenbosch Mountain after the finish. The full outing is about 42 km with 4000 m elevation gain.

Record History:

  • 19h30 – Rudolph Buhrman, Jan du Plessis, Piet Hugo, May 1962
  • 14h00 – Ernst Lotz, July 1962
  • 10h45 – Christopher Spottiswood, Dec 1962
  • 10h13 – Lydia Roos/Cilliers, Oct 1991
  • 9h40 – Henco Jordaan, Oct 2000 (with Teuns Kok 5 min behind)
  • 8h45 – Samuel Holtzkampf, Dec 2015
  • 8h36 – Andre Gie, Kane Reilly, Ryan Sandes, Sept 2016
  • 8h21 – Christiaan Greyling, Edward van der Merwe, Oct 2016
  • 8h09 – Lance Kime, David Krone, Robyn Owen, Dec 2017

The Jonkershoek Marathon presents a fantastic challenging LONG day out in the mountains for very fit technical mountain lovers.  Contact us to arrange a guided outing or just for more info.

Links to more about the JM:


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